it will all be okay

I have been mad lately. M – A – D.  Mad. Mad that John can’t baptize Jill. Mad that he chose another path for so long. Mad that he has an addiction. Mad that my mother in law pressured me to know when the baptism date would be. Mad that I completely forgot to sendRead more

Thankful in My Circumstances

“Instead of being ‘thankful for things’, we focus on being ‘thankful in our circumstances’ whatever they may be.” – Deiter F. Uchtdorf It’s not always easy, some days are better than others, but I am trying to be thankful in my circumstances.  To see the tender mercies of the Lord as I go through this experienceRead more

. . . stay

If someone had told me a year ago that my husband was addicted to pornography and sex, I would have laughed in their face, and said, “Not my husband.  No way.  My husband is totally active, he’s served in several presidencies in the church and is currently the Elder’s Quorum President.  My husband and IRead more

Smiling on the Darkest of Days

John told me he was addicted to pornography late at night on January 7th, 2015.  The next morning I went through the motions of the morning routine.  John left for work.  Shortly after he left he texted and asked if I would be willing to see a therapist with him that morning.  I agreed.  John tried to go to work, butRead more

The Invisible Elephant

(Originally posted January 2015) The invisible elephant. It’s been with John and I since the beginning. Always there, bigger than life. I am surprised I never ran into it before. I could sense it, feel it, but could never touch it.  If I got close, it would slip to the side, always out of grasp, justRead more

I KNOW I can do this…With God’s Help

I have been very nervous to commit to this blog.  I started it months ago, posted a few times, and then wanted to scrap the whole thing – I did scrap the original posts.  I kept feeling nudged to get it going again, only this time, to pray for guidance on what it is IRead more